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WaterRoads is a free open source database that lets boaters find public places where they can make shoreside connections. If you are discovering that it is more difficult these days to find places where you can pickup and drop off passengers and small amounts of cargo, you are not alone. Regulations and restrictions have drastically reduced the number of places where boats and people can connect.

However, there are still lots of small hidden public docks all around most ports. WaterRoads is a database of specific dock locations with critical information about the conditions, vessel capability and rules for each dock.

WaterRoads is organized by the Urban Public Waterfront Association who is working to create more meaningful maritime connections between the people on land and the people at sea.

Common Uses of Public Access Docks

Every community and municipality has their own rules. However, in general terms, a public access dock is a place where all sorts of small vessel maritime activities can interface with the public including:

* Private Passenger Pickups and Drop-offs
* Small Charter Vessels
* Fishing Boats, Farm Boats and Market Boats Selling Direct to the Public
* Educational Vessels
* Canoe, Kayak and Watercraft Launching and Boarding
* Emergency Mooring
* Light Freight Pickup and Deliveries
* Other Boats Needing Public Access

This web site is dedicated to helping boaters to make shoreside connections and to help enable small-scale water-dependent enterprises that benefit the public.